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    Oh my God, she smell like heaven.

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    Oh my God, she smell like heaven. Empty Oh my God, she smell like heaven.

    Post by Acai Dae on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:49 am

    I am a pressed-for-time musician, whom gets by, by selling my music, working jobs for family, (which is usually consisting of manual labor and remodeling of housing structures) making art, and writing. Some of my music can me found on my ReverbNation account.
    I am currently writing my own book titled Night's Fire. My name is Justin nicknamed Jutt. I am 17 and I've sold my soul to a better cause.
    I'm a peer mediator, and spiritualist(Term may vary with ideas).
    I strive everyday to make myself better than I was already.
    If I didn't do something good today, it didn't count toward the days I have been alive.
    I love music, and believe it has ties to the soul itself.
    I believe the world is too industrialized and needs to revert back to nature.

    I don't like most people, for a lot of reasons, but I do believe in the inner good of everyone, so I tolerate and give chances to all.
    I am a socialite, will make friends with you. If you talk to me with a good tone, you are my friend.
    I don't like lies, because it's better to get it over with and have the general respect of not being labeled a liar in the eyes of someone else.
    I'll talk to you regardless of who you are, and if I see someone being messed with I'm gonna kick someones ass.
    I'm considered a jerk on some days, I'll admit some days I'm just not in the best mood, but that's rare.
    I'm usually considered a fun, nice, considerate person.

    I like all music, but not generally modernized metal. I love Ska-pop, Indie, reggae. 70s rock, 8-bit, Acid rock(love it) Alternative, folk, anti-folk, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP, and ALTERNATIVE RAP, Art rock, Beat, a lot of blues-rock, biomusic, elevator music, classical, rock opera, and any good vibe music.
    I love local bands of Florida too.

    Interests(hobbies, occupations, future expectations)
    I am a musician/songwriter as previously stated, and I play guitar a lot. I also play a few other instruments.
    I have a copious amount of interests and skills, a few of which being: Parkour, various topics of self enlightenment and meditation, different styles of music, art, web design, multimedia design, game design, psychological probing,(something I use my friends for)different fighting techniques, and the study of different beliefs and how they contrast and compare.

    I'm buried under a mountain of books in my room. I've read so many books I legitimately lost the ability to comprehend real past events and events I've just read about in stories.
    I have a bunch of favorite writers, but one I've stayed with most would have to be Gary Soto, whom I found out about from my friend Danni.

    I wish I had a pet monkey.
    I hate dogs.
    I like cats if they're mean.
    I hate birds kept in cages.
    I hate snakes kept in containment.
    I hate fish in general because there is just no interaction you can have.

    I will have a ferret soon.

    T.V. shows
    Lost me, I literally don't watch any television.
    Although, last year I was approached by the manager of "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" for a show deal, which I ran the deadline out on and missed the opportunity.

    A category I know all too well. I love video games and that is the thing I can't go without.
    I love First Person Shooters,and Adventurer like Skyrim, Fallout3/New Vegas. I don't really like Call Of Duty, I've probably played it longer than most people though; the good old days of Call Of duty 1, 2 and 3 before the multi-player craze hit. I own a Playstation1 a Playstation2, I gave my uncle my Playstation3, a PSvita, a gameboy advanced, and a gameboy SP. I have had a N-gage, Dreamcast, N-64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Wii, and a DS(lite).
    Console wars are stupid enjoy your game or gtfo of it.

    I like food.
    It keeps me alive.
    I don't really like eating animals. Some of you would say "you're not making the world better by not eating meat" I would say that's irrelevant.
    I just don't like it, I think it's wrong. "Why?" why would you waste your breathe arguing with a belief? It's like arguing with an atheist and asking why he believes in nothing, and he answers you with knowledge you already knew-"cause I believe the contrary".

    If you believe in something it's a religion, so you can't say you don't have one. The religion I follow is Buddhism and I teach others the qualities of living life in a new way, without materialism and "lower thinking".
    I challenge people to have a higher system of thought about everything and look at things through a "3rd Person Perspective" and keep in mind facts over feelings, as well as accepting what is, and not what could have been. I want to learn more about other people's beliefs though.
    There is a certain wisdom about all of them.

    My Insight(Thoughts to meditate on on a typical day)
    Every step you take, you push the world, it doesn't push you.
    You lose more from hesitation than not.
    Anger is a leech, it needs an emotion to hide.
    You are different if you choose.
    If you were a statistic you'd be on paper, not on your feet.
    Be happy that you have eyes to cry with, not for the hands that can hide them.
    Sometimes you need to stop fighting the world, and fight yourself.
    For every second your not happy, someone is for some reason.

    I lucid dream very often, and I love my dreams. My aunt said that I may be astroprojecting myself.

    And the title of this was referencing a song by Dance Galvin Dance called Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most.

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    Oh my God, she smell like heaven. Empty Re: Oh my God, she smell like heaven.

    Post by ToryIsConfused on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:10 am

    Hey Justin, nice to meet you!

    It's awesome to hear you've read so much. I believe that reading is a fuel for writing, and you can't go without fuel. Wish I could say I've read that much! Maybe someday, right? Wink

    Monkeys are cool. I wouldn't mind having a pet monkey, but I don't think my parents would let me.

    Oh my God, she smell like heaven. Jimraynorsignaturesmal
    Where the wind blows, and where the shouts of battle are carried by shrieks and gusts, you will find solace.
    Acai Dae
    Acai Dae

    Posts : 11
    Join date : 2012-06-05
    Age : 24
    Location : Where you need me the most.

    Oh my God, she smell like heaven. Empty Re: Oh my God, she smell like heaven.

    Post by Acai Dae on Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:09 pm

    Yes, I very much enjoy reading hah, mostly Koans, but that is just me maybe.

    If only, if only I had a monkey... I can just dream of all the things I would teach it to do. hehehe, kleptomaniac monkey.

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    Oh my God, she smell like heaven. Empty Re: Oh my God, she smell like heaven.

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