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    Relax (UI)

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    Relax (UI) Empty Relax (UI)

    Post by Acai Dae on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:07 am

    -This is more over a world/rap kind of song. I have already recorded this song.-

    I'm starting to unwind.
    Revel in 'Relax' before my stress gets me bent, and it's sad to say:
    I've got more night than I've ever seen day.
    Yeah relax; say it like it's a sin.
    You've got a million problems, but life ain't one.
    Well, I got ten, and I hate all of them.
    Relax? I can't.
    It's hard to say when you've got more loves than Monday's got heart attacks,
    And I'm getting that old feeling like I'm an ancient artifact.
    Man, my brain's rusty, and my body's racked and wrecked from 'FTS'(F**k This S***), but I'll sleep the day away.
    No stress.
    Heh, My pencil's starting to look swiss,
    cause' this girl has me flipped with just a kiss,
    but I'm starting to feel lonely.
    She says: "If I was there would I be your only?"
    Whipped, shackled, whatever you wanna say, but those eyes ...
    I need to stay.
    I've seen a million of these 8-bit soundtracks, a million of these plays and acts.
    It's done.

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